As a building owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to do regular audits of your facilities sewer and manhole utilities. Doing so helps you to avoid expensive repairs as well as liability issues. Unfortunately, many building operators aren’t aware of where their sewer drains and manholes are located on their property. If you’re in this camp, let us offer a little help. These components to your outdoor plumbing system are typically found in alleys, parking lots, easements, and in yards.

With the right type of maintenance and consideration, most people believe that sewer drains and their apparatuses have the ability to last a lifetime.  While it’s true that these parts of the commercial plumbing system have a reputation for longevity, it’s also a fact that their lifespans can be cut short because of their exposure to outdoor elements. This exposure often leads to deterioration and requires immediate repair to prevent further problems.

What deterioration? That’s a great question that we’re going to address in this post.

Pooling Water

Water that begins to pool on top of your parking lot or another paved surface should never be ignored. It’s not just an inconvenient problem, it’s a drainage issue that needs to be taken care of right away. The longer you allow pooling water near curbs or manholes, the higher the chances are that you’re going to create major problems for vehicles and pedestrians. Building owners who don’t take care of these issues quickly often find that they need more expensive repairs sooner. Another issue that you need to keep an out for is sand or rocky streaks forming in low spots in the paved areas.

So, what causes pooling issues? There are usually two reasons that these issues happen. The first is improper slope planning when the surface was paved. It’s essential to have a sloped in your parking lot in order for water to make its way into the drains. The second reason for pooling water is inaccessible inlets in grassy areas for water to access during heavy rains or long period of rainfall. Both of these issues are something that you need to address to fix pooling water problems and protect your sewer system.

Sewer Blockages

Another common problem that causes sewer pipe repair is the buildup up waste that washes into the sewer drains. Everyone knows that waste from toilets and sinks go into the sewer system, but many people don’t realize that liquid in parking lots also make their way into the pipes. This type of waste often includes things such as leaves, trash, sticks, and chemicals from vehicles. If too much waste gets into the storm drainage part of the sewer system, this causes pipes to crack and also causes pipes to back up.

Do you have trees or large bushes planted in or around your building’s parking lot? If so, this is another reason for sewer line repair and manhole problems. Root intrusion causes pipes to break and makes it impossible for your sewer system to do its job.

Building owners can prevent these types of sewer repairs by staying on top of parking lot maintenance. By keeping parking lots clean and free of debris, you prevent excessive amounts of waste from entering the sewer system. Also, consider the benefits of video sewer camera inspection services to spot signs of impending trouble.

Deterioration Around Manholes

Have you noticed significant deterioration around the manhole covers in your parking lot? This isn’t as uncommon as you might imagine. Extreme weather and erosion affect the stability of the brick and concrete surfaces that support manhole covers and catch basins. Additionally, allowing pooling water to continue to exist is another reason you might need to repair manholes. Once the concrete or brick supports have been compromised, manholes covers begin to sink and cause serious problems for vehicles and people walking in the area. Get a handle on these issues before they become expensive problems. Building owners can do this by inspecting catch drains and manhole cover enclosures frequently.

Have you noticed problems in your parking lot that you think could be related to a sewer drain or manhole enclosure problem? If so, contact a bonded sewer contractor right away. At Street Works Engineering, we offer underground sewer pipe services and manhole cover services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. Call us today at (888) 377-4002 to discuss your problem at length.