Who do I hire for a sewer line installation in Glendora? This is an example of a question you might have if you need sewer replacement at your home or office. In this post, we answer some of the most popular questions about sewer line replacement to get you pointed in the right direction.

Who Do I Hire for Sewer Line Installation?

We want to start with this question because we feel it is one of the most important factors that contribute to long-lasting sewer systems. Hiring the wrong company to do this job costs you money and puts your property at risk. You might think all you need is to hire a plumber to install a new sewer line, but your average plumber doesn’t have the credentials or equipment for this job, especially for commercial sewer pipe replacement.

You need bonded sewer repair contractors who have the authority to pull permits and dig under sidewalks, streets, and other public access areas. Many sewer replacement jobs extend beyond your property’s borders, extending into easements and under public-right-of-way areas. Your everyday plumber doesn’t hold the licensing to make these repairs.

How Do I Find an Approved Sewer Contractor?

If you need to install a sewer line in Glendora, call us to get our underground utility engineers on the job. For those of you reading this post in a city outside of our Southern California service area, check with your city for a list of approved sewer contractors near you.

How Do I Know If I Need Sewer Repair or Replacement?

Sewer contractors use video camera equipment to inspect your existing sewer line. This equipment allows us to see inside the pipe without digging a trench or making guesses about what’s wrong. We use the information we get back from this inspection to make professional recommendations for repair or replacement.

Obviously, we don’t want to replace the line if it’s unnecessary. Repairs make the most sense when the line is intact and only one or two sections have holes or cracks. Our sewer camera equipment also tells us if the problem is easily solved by hydro-jetting. The good news is that not every sewer-related problem means you need a new sewer line.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Installation?

Sewer repairs done this way don’t require our contractors to dig a trench and replace the pipe manually. Instead, we access the damaged pipe through one or two access points, and replace the pipe using a method called pipe bursting.

Can You Do All Sewer Line Installations this Way?

If we’re replacing an existing line, pipe bursting is an approved method that works for residential and some commercial pipes. However, if you need to install a new line for the first time that connects to the city sewer system, trenching is the go-to method. Other times we need to use conventional dig-and-replace methods is when we repair sagging or bellied pipes. Trenchless methods don’t work well for this service because the issue isn’t so much a pipe repair job, but a slope issue that we need to correct.

Can New Properties Have Sewer Line Problems?

It’s a common misconception that only old pipes need replacing. Newer properties experience sewer-related problems too when the lines weren’t installed properly. You might notice that you have constant drainage issues or raw sewage pooling along the line on the outside of your property. When sewer installation isn’t done right from the get-go, any property of any age can experience problems.

Call Us for Licensed and Bonded Sewer Services

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