When unforeseen problems happen to underground sewer utilities, we know that municipalities are under a lot of stress to figure out the best solution fast. At Street Works Engineering, we know how important it is for cities to have access to affordable sewer repair solutions that are quick and don’t inconvenience the public. The best methods that make these types of repairs go smooth and fast are dig-free sewer repair methods such as the following:

•    Hydro-jetting

•    Lateral pipelining

•    Lateral reinstatement

•    Localized point repair

•    Manhole-to-manhole trenchless pipelining and,

•    Pipe locating

How the Dig-free Process Works

Before any repair work on municipal water or sewer pipelines is started, it’s essential to know what’s going on below the surface. This is done using high-quality video inspection equipment to identify the problem, the precise location, and the extent of the damage. Knowing this information allows bonded sewer contractors to formulate a solid plan for repair or replacement.

Often municipalities will also ask sewer contractors to use their video equipment to help them locate pipes and lines that could be affected during the repair. These utility lines include telephone and cable lines, septic lines, gas, electric, and other utility lines. Even though sewer contractors won’t be working on these lines, it’s critical that their location is known in order to prevent accidents. When sewer lines have been damaged and need repairing, this affects city residents. The last thing municipalities want is to have another essential line damaged that inconveniences their residents.

Once it’s determined what the problem is, the right trenchless method is chosen. There are a couple different options that sewer contractors have to choose among. Two popular options include the following:

  • Pipe bursting: This method is used when the entire line needs to be replaced. Instead of digging up the soil along the entire line, contractors insert the pipe bursting tool into the entry point. This tool is used to break up the old pipe into fragments and allows a brand new pipe to be laid in place behind the old line as it’s broken up.
  • Pipe relining: When only sections of pipe are broken, pipe relining is the preferred trenchless method. Sewer contractors reline the damaged section of pipe using an epoxy coating. One of the benefits of this type of repair is that it makes the existing pipe twice as sturdy as before. 

Why Municipalities Choose Trenchless Methods

Not only are trenchless methods less destructive, but they’re also extremely safe. Unlike excavating damaged lines and potentially causing damage to other utilities, trenchless pipe repair is straightforward and carries less risk. It also doesn’t require streets and sidewalks to be blocked off for days or weeks at a time like traditional pipe repair often does. In many cases, trenchless pipe repair is completed within a day.

Another reason for choosing trenchless pipelining is affordability. Municipalities already have tight operating budgets. The last thing they need is to deal with a sewer pipe problem that’s going to cost five-figures to fix. The exact cost of trenchless lining services is determined by the extent of the problem, but in most cases, trenchless lining costs significantly less.

What Is Manhole-to-Manhole Lining

This is another type of no-dig underground sewer line repair. It’s like trenchless cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, but the entry points to make the repairs are the manhole openings. Anytime that plumbers have the ability to use pre-existing entry points it makes the job go faster and greatly reduces labor and material costs. When manhole-to-manhole lining is available, municipalities are happy! It’s a quick and affordable way to achieve municipal sewer line repair.

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