When sewage backs up into your building or customers start complaining about bad smells from the bathroom, this means something is wrong with your commercial septic system. Whether or not you need septic tank repair or replacement depends on what’s actually causing the problem and the cost to fix the issue. Some commercial septic tank repairs cost only a few hundred dollars to fix like when there’s a broken pipe. However, if the drainfield needs replacement or there’s an equally serious issue, repair costs quickly skyrocket to as much as $10,000 or more.

It’s always a good idea to contact a commercial septic contractor to check out the problem before you jump to any conclusions about repair or replacement. Of course, we know that everyone likes to have an idea of what’s going on before a commercial plumber arrives on the scene. So, keep reading to learn more about when repairs will do the trick and those times when septic tank replacement is the only option.

When to Repair the Problem

The good news is that many septic problems are easy to solve and require simple repairs. For examples, when there’s standing water, or a sewage odor occurs between the septic tank and the drainfield, this is often an indication that there’s a broken pipe. With advanced treatment systems, the same symptoms often require your septic maintenance professional to adjust or replace a part.

Do you have an aerobic treatment unit? This is a septic unit that aerates the tank in order to break down the waste faster. If your building uses one of these units and you’ve shut down for the holidays or for another extended time period, it’s possible that bacteria have died off. In this case, you simply need to give the system time for the bacteria to repopulate and do its job.

When to Replace System Components

It’s unfortunate, but if your septic tank’s drainfield has failed, it often means you need to replace a part of or all the septic system. Commercial property owners facing this situation have a few options. Speak directly with a septic specialist to discuss these options and discuss pricing. It’s hard to give an exact price for replacement in a blog post because we need to see the area that’s affected in person.

Even in instances where the drainfield is broken, the actual septic tank may still be okay. When you’re able to reuse the tank, this saves money and it keeps your building’s landscaping or yard intact. However, sometimes commercial property owners decide to go ahead and replace the tank or move it to another location that’s better suited. Again, this is something to discuss with your septic professional.

Getting it Fixed

Your local health department and state environmental agency have special procedures in place that must be followed exactly when repairing or replacing a system. To begin with, you must always have the work done by a qualified septic tank company. Also, make sure that the company you choose has experience working with commercial-sized septic tanks. Residential plumbers won’t do for this type of job.

Do you own commercial property in Southern California? If so, contact Street Works Engineering. Our team of commercial plumbers works on commercial septic systems. We are approved to start working on these systems today and are authorized to pull all necessary permits. When you hire SWE, we promise to work with you to find the most economical solution for your septic tank issues. We’ll present you with options for repairs when necessary and walk you through the septic tank replacement process if this is what is the best course of action.

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