All pipes eventually show signs of wear and tear, especially clay sewer pipes. Many older properties have underground pipes made from terracotta material that may be due for a replacement. No one likes to hear that they need sewer replacement, but at Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, we handle clay pipe repairs using trenchless technology that doesn’t require unnecessary digging. Trenchless technologies such as pipe lining and pipe bursting work well for these repairs for residential sewer pipes and some commercial sewer replacement jobs.

What Are Common Problems with Clay Pipes?

Clay-based pipes like terracotta go through a specific installation process. This process includes using a mortar-based sealing process to hold the various pipe sections together. While clay pipes served their purpose years ago during the height of their popularity, they don’t respond well to the earth’s movements and shifting soil. Clay pipes develop cracks and holes, problems that eventually lead to a complete breakdown in the line and cause sewer emergencies.

Another weakness of clay pipes is their tendency to develop tree root problems. Any shrubs or trees planted nearby, especially those with large root bases, easily penetrate clay pipes. Not only do tree roots get inside these pipes and cause serious blockages, but they also contribute to sinkhole formation.

Is It Time to Replace Your Clay Pipes?

The problem with older pipes is that people tend to neglect them, and they ignore common plumbing issues that signal a problem. By staying alert for noticeable signs of a problem, you have a better chance of scheduling pipe replacement on your terms instead of being taken by surprise by an emergency.

The most noticeable sign you have a sewer problem is when the drains in your home or business back up constantly. We don’t mean just one drain. What we’re referring to is when you have multiple drain clogs at the same time. Don’t mess around with this situation. Take action ASAP to prevent overflowing drains and flooding.

Other signs of a leaky sewer pipe are when you smell a foul sewer odor coming from your drains or outside your home. Intact sewer pipes don’t smell, but broken ones leaking raw sewage smell really bad.

Another sign that it’s time to replace your existing pipes is when you hear unusual sounds coming from the sewer line when you flush a toilet or drain the sink. If you hear any gurgling sounds, call for a sewer line inspection as soon as possible.

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement: What Are My Options?

We always look for cost-effective and green plumbing solutions that keep our customers’ budgets in mind and protect the earth and other properties in the area. Trenchless technology allows us to offer our customers sewer repair and replacement without digging up property and exposing it to hazardous waste.

How Do You Replace a Sewer Line without Digging?

Trenchless sewer line replacement may require us to dig one or two access points in your yard, but it’s nowhere near as much digging as conventional trenching. When a cleanout or manhole is accessible, we may not need to dig an access point.

First, we have to complete an initial inspection of the sewer system to gather as much information about the damaged pipe. Using camera inspection equipment, we determine your pipe’s material, the pipe’s size, and the exact location of the problem. Once we have this information, we give you our professional recommendation for trenchless pipe repair or replacement.

Sometimes, we can fix the problem without removing the clay pipe. If the sewer pipe is in a decent shape, our cured in place pipe lining procedure can rehabilitate the pipe. However, when clay pipes many broken sections, replacing the pipe gives you the best bang for your buck. New PVC pipes last 50 years or more!

Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement an Option for Commercial Sewer Pipes?

We can do many commercial pipe repairs in this manner. In fact, in congested urban areas like Los Angeles County, we prefer using trenchless methods for residential and commercial jobs when possible.

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