Many buildings and homes in San Dimas are older and still have their original sewer pipes. This means that plenty of the sewer lines running underground are 25 – 50 years old or older. Like with any system, as pipes age they show signs of wear and tear, and they don’t perform as well as they used to. Properties with old sewer lines develop holes and cracks that cause pipes to leak and clog.

When you face these problems, you have to make a choice. Should you repair an old pipe made from clay or cast-iron that doesn’t stand up to the test of time? Or should you replace the sewer line with a PVC pipe?

At Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, we help property owners decide the most cost-effective option. In most cases, property owners install a new sewer line because they don’t want to risk spending money on one repair after another.

If you think you want to replace your old cast-iron or clay sewer pipes, keep reading to learn more about the different sewer line replacement options.

Trenching Replacement

Sewer repair contractors use this remedy only when faced with no other options. Conventional trenching is intrusive and creates a mess on your property. However, sometimes there’s no other reasonable solution for installing a new sewer system.

Isn’t Trenching the Cheaper Option?

Yes, trenching is cheaper when you look at the cost-per-square foot. However, property owners need to consider all the costs involved with conventional installation methods. After the sewer replacement gets made, there are still additional restoration costs. Property owners need to repair damage to sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and landscaping. When you add up all the numbers, it becomes clear that trenching is the most expensive way to replace the pipe.

Trenchless Sewer Installation

A popular replacement method that sewer repair contractors in San Dimas use is pipe bursting. It’s a method used for sewer line replacement and water line replacement. What makes this trenchless installation method so popular among property owners and contractors is that it requires only two access holes. We use the first access point to insert a pulling mechanism called a bursting head. We pull the head through the pipe using hydraulic power and it breaks up and pushes the existing pipe out of the way while the equipment drags a new pipe in place behind the old pipe.

Do All Municipalities Allow Pipe Bursting?

Because it’s not possible to know exactly what the old pipe is pushing against, some municipalities don’t allow pipe bursting. Know that our sewer repair contractors will never recommend a service that your community doesn’t allow.

Do All Damaged Pipes Need Replacement?

Not always. It depends on the extent of the damage. When we inspect your sewer problem, we look at all your repair and replacement options. If most of the pipe is in good shape, we might suggest relining it using a resin-saturated liner. The liner gives you a new sewer line inside your existing line resistant to tree root growth and other damage.

Do Sewer Repair Companies Offer Warranties?

Good sewer repair contractors stand behind their work. At Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, we stand behind our work 100%. To learn more about sewer line installation in San Dimas and our warranties, schedule an appointment to speak with one of our licensed and bonded sewer contractors.