We don’t have to tell you that broken sewer lines cause serious problems for commercial properties. The high repair costs involved with damaged pipes can take a significant toll on your business, not to mention sewer problems affect production and profits.

Commercial pipe installation and repair in Claremont fluctuates because it is based on several factors. These factors can include any of the following:

  • Where the pipes are located on the property
  • The pipe’s depth
  • Surface level obstructions, i.e., trees, sidewalks, parking structures, and streets
  • Utility lines running next to underground sewer pipes
  • The severity of the pipe damage
  • Pipe materials

At Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, we take these factors into consideration when making recommendations for pipe installation and repair. In this post, we discuss the benefits of trenchless installation and also point out instances when conventional methods are better suited for getting the job done better.

Why Business Owners Prefer Trenchless Pipe Installation

When it comes to commercial pipe repair, trenchless pipe installation is the most affordable option. Any repair method that doesn’t require a lot of digging, also called trenching, keeps costs lower. As a part of the pipe repair industry, we prefer to use trenchless technologies when the opportunity presents. Examples of trenchless technology that we use include pipe bursting, pipe lining, and sectional pipe repairs. By offering these installation and repair services to commercial property owners, we help you avoid expensive pipe installation and repair costs typical of traditional pipe repair methods.

Although trenchless installation methods are preferred, there are times when dig-and-replace repair methods must be considered. Sometimes, they’re the only option.

Pipe Lining Installation Methods

The #1 concern our commercial customers have when they need pipe repair is how long they must shut their businesses down. With traditional dig-and-replace methods, the repair timeline could be several days. You can imagine how much revenue your business could lose over several days if it has to shut down. That’s why commercial property owners prefer trenchless lining, which can be done in as little as one day. It also requires a fraction of the labor and other related costs as conventional sewer repair methods require.

Using an epoxy-saturated liner, this repair method fixes sections of the pipe without removing the existing line. The benefits of pipe lining installation methods for commercial property owners include not having to tear up flooring and disrupting business. Also, epoxy liners strengthen the pipe and last up to 50 years before they show the normal signs of wear and tear.

Sectional Installation and Repair

Not all commercial pipe issues involve the entire length of the sewer pipe. Sometimes, it’s only a small section that’s affected. We can fix problems such as root intrusion, isolated hairline cracks, poor installation, and faulty pipe joints using section repair methods. To do this, trenchless sewer contractors create two access points and insert sectional lining materials into the damaged portion of the sewer pipe.

Like full trenchless sewer lining services, this method takes only a few hours to complete and lasts for decades. Ask your sewer contractor if your sewer damage is eligible for sectional repairs.

Pipe Bursting for New Sewer Pipe Installation

When your commercial sewer line is damaged beyond repair, you need a new line installed. Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe replacement method that’s cost effective and takes a fraction of the time to complete compared to conventional methods. This method uses a bursting head that separates and pushes sections of damaged pipe out of the way, allowing room for the installation of the new line behind the old one. Pipe bursting is ideal to replace commercial lines that have completely collapsed or there are surface level obstructions impeding any other repair methods.

At Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, our #1 goal is to provide our commercial property owners with practical pipe repair options. If a sewer pipe is bellied, trenchless methods may not be the answer, but trust us to always deliver the best repair options and ease your worries. To learn more about our trenchless pipe installation in Claremont, call us at (866) 377-4006 to schedule an on-site consultation.