Before trenchless pipe repair was available, if you had a broken sewer line, sewer contractors needed to use traditional dig-and-replace methods to fix the problem. This kind of underground pipe repair left behind a huge mess and was time-consuming and not at all cost effective.

When sewer contractors excavated the property to reach the pipes, this destroyed yards and the grounds around commercial buildings. Traditional sewer line repair also required the damaged pipes to be disposed of into landfills. You can imagine the environmental hazards raw sewage in landfills can create!

Traditional pipe repair also restricted property access and affected public areas, creating traffic concerns. In congested areas such as Los Angeles County, anything the restricts traffic flow is never a good idea. Although the old way of repairing pipes hasn’t gone away completely because some problems can only be fixed in this manner, more and more sewer contractors are using trenchless pipe repair.

If you have a broken sewer pipe, here’s what you need to know about this innovative pipe repair and replacement option.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Does Away with Digging

Digging a trench to access and repair existing pipes is costly and it leaves behind unnecessary destruction that you’re responsible for fixing. While it might not seem like a big deal to reseed your yard, if you have to replace a sidewalk, driveway, or a parking area, it’s a enormous deal. Today’s high-tech trenchless pipe relining and pipe bursting options only require one or two access points we insert our equipment into.

Other Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

No-dig options offer other benefits to homeowners and commercial properties. Many of our customers in Southern California are concerned about environmental issues and want to make sure that their actions don’t contribute to unnecessary waste or environmental hazards. That’s why we can’t say enough good things about our trenchless repair options. The existing pipe stays in place and is relined or replaced without being removed and hauled to a landfill where the possibility of raw sewage contamination is very real.

Another reason we use trenchless methods is that it costs our customers less. Because our crew doesn’t need days to make repairs, this reduces labor costs. Our customers also save money because they don’t need to worry about repairing their yards or other parts of their property after the pipeline is replaced or repaired.

Pipe Relining Strengthens Existing Pipes

Many of the jobs we do for our customers involves inserting an epoxy-coated liner sleeve into the pipe to seal and repair the damaged pipe. Once the sleeve is inflated and set flush against the damaged area, it creates a new pipe. We like this pipe within a pipe method because it’s a seamless repair that acts as new piping system that’s strong and resistant to future damage. The damaged pipe isn’t removed, but rehabilitated and reinforced.

Pipe Bursting Is an Eco-friendly Way to Replace Broken Sewer Lines

If you have a broken pipe that can’t be repaired using the liner method, you need to replace the pipe. We use a trenchless sewer pipe replacement method called pipe bursting. Instead of digging up the damaged pipe and replacing it, we use horizontal digging equipment to insert a bursting head at the point where the line is damaged. Using hydraulic power, our equipment pushes the bursting head through the damaged pipe, breaking up the pipe as the head moves forward. The pieces of broken pipe are dispersed into the soil safely.

Once the pipe is broken apart, we use our trenchless equipment to install a new pipe in its place. This manner of replacing damaged pipes is affordable, fast, and highly effective. Most jobs only take an experienced team of sewer specialists a day to complete.

Need a Trenchless Sewer Contractor in Sierra Madre?

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