The experts at Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic know that you want minimally invasive sewer line repair and replacement when there’s a problem. That’s why we encourage property owners to know the signs of a pipe damage. Fixing problems quickly saves our customers money and keeps expensive water damage at bay. In this post, we discuss the signs of pipe damage, your options for repair, and tips to keep your sewer pipes in great condition for longer.

Signs of Underground Piping Problems

Damaged pipes lead to problems such as flooding in the basement or along the foundation. If your home or building doesn’t have a basement, flooding caused by sewer damage often occurs at the lowest level of the house.

Spontaneous flooding from a burst pipe is a threat, but so is water leaking into the lowest level or pooling in the yard after heavy rainfall. Rain water enters the public sewer system, and if there’s a clog in the lateral line running from your property to the city’s sewer main, you could experience backups.

Other problems that indicate a problem with underground pipes include multiple clogged drains, gurgling noises coming from drains, and foul odors.

If your house or commercial property has any of these problems, call for a sewer line inspection.

Camera Inspections and Underground Pipe Repair

Before we make any repairs to underground pipes, our sewer contractors have to know what they’re dealing with. Thanks to advanced technology, our contractors can see what’s happening in the pipes. When we use this equipment, there’s no guessing involved and or unnecessary digging.

What Can a Sewer Camera See?

These cameras help contractors identify problems like cracks, collapsed pipes, tree roots, the size of the pipe, and the location of the damage. Using this technology lets contractors make recommendations for repairs or replacement based on the severity of the damage and the existing pipe material. Sewer cameras are also great tools for helping property owners determine pipe location and age.

Hydro-Jetting for Flushing Pipes

One benefit of using cameras to identify problems is that it allows contractors to offer the best solutions. For example, not all sewer damage requires extensive repairs. Sewer specialists solve some problems using hydro-jetting, a high-pressure water tool that clears away tough clogs and other debris.

How do we use hydro-jetting? We suggest this service when cleaning the pipe is a more effective solution than replacing it. For example, when tree roots get into underground pipes, this causes serious flow issues. Sewage water backs up and can’t move away from the property. If you’re on a budget and can’t repair the crack that let the tree roots in, hydro-jetting is an affordable way to get rid of the tangle of roots and get water flowing again. When included with your annual maintenance routine, hydro-jetting does a great job of stopping many problems associated with clogged drains.

No-Dig Underground Pipe Repair

Sometimes, you have no choice but to replace a broken pipe. This is usually the case with older pipes that have collapsed or have crumbled in many spots. We don’t like to replace pipes unless it’s the only option.

If you need underground pipes replaced, we use trenchless technology to keep costs low and finish jobs in a timely manner with very little disturbance to your property. We do this using pipe bursting and pipe relining methods. Both methods only require 2 holes dug in the yard, which makes our customers very happy. The technology we use makes trenchless pipe repair and replacement methods the best way to fix underground sewer problems once and for all.

Do you have sewer-related problems at your property that need attention? Call Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic to schedule underground sewer pipe repair in Rancho Cucamonga right away!