Septic removal is something that only professionals should do. Luckily, Orange, CA residents and business owners don’t have to look far to get these services. Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic has the equipment and the credentials to get this job done right.

Why Would You Need Septic Removal Services?

There are a few situations that require property owners to remove their tanks. Here are some reasons you might need professional septic services:

  • New septic system installation because your current system has failed and needs replacement
  • Relocating a system to a new area on the property
  • Septic-to-sewer conversion and you need to abandon the tank

Each of these situations requires specific steps taken to ensure safe removal and require approval from the correct Regional Water Quality Control Board. Your septic specialist has this information, but you can learn more about which Board is responsible for your property by visiting the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Why Are There So Many Regulations about Septic Tank Removal?

When you don’t abandon your septic tank properly, this creates unsafe environments. Consider what is inside your property’s septic tank? You need to handle wastewater carefully to prevent it from getting into the soil and groundwater. If a septic system is no longer being used, left alone and ignored, this causes two problems.

The Problem with Leakage

The first problem is leakage. Septic tanks are made to last for decades, but that doesn’t mean damage can’t happen to the tank. Southern Californians know all too well that the ground under our feet isn’t always stable. Even though we don’t feel earthquakes every day, that doesn’t mean there isn’t seismic activity happening frequently. Constant changes in soil composition and underground tremors, including those we don’t notice, can create hairline fractures in the tank.

How does this affect an old tank not abandoned properly? If professionals didn’t clean and empty the tank, hairline cracks allow wastewater to leak out of the receptacle. Wastewater that gets into the soil kills vegetation and the sewage makes its way to creeks, streams, rivers, and other bodies of water that the wildlife drink.


The other problem that comes from a septic tank not removed properly is sinkholes. The wastewater isn’t only hazardous to the wildlife. It also becomes hazardous for surrounding properties. As the soil becomes saturated with the wastewater, it creates soft areas that erode soil and eventually cause sinkholes.

You might not think a septic tank could cause a huge mess, but it can create craters that swallow homes, cars, wildlife, and people in a matter of seconds with no warning. This reason is why governing authorities strictly regulate septic removal in Orange, CA, and other areas. County officials don’t want sinkholes popping up all around town.

How We Do Safe Septic Removal

When you need a septic tank removed, we come to your place and investigate the size of the tank, its location, and perform septic tank cleaning services. We must empty the tank completely using one of our septic tank pumping trucks before it’s removed.

There are 3 common processes we use for removal. They include:

  • Removing the existing tank and disposing it at a landfill.
  • Crush the tank, breaking up the bottom of the tank during the process to allow water to drain. Then we backfill the area.
  • Fill the tank with concrete or another granular material that won’t cause tank collapse.

Regardless of which method chosen, the goal is the same. We want to ensure a safe environment that doesn’t present public or environmental hazards. If you need septic removal for your home or commercial property, call Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic at (866) 377-4002.