If your property’s sewer line is cracked, you don’t always need to replace the sewer system. There’s a solution that not only fixes the problem but stops the same problem from happening again. At Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, we prefer to use trenchless lining methods for underground sewer pipe repair in Alta Loma.

Why Is Trenchless Sewer Line Preferred?

Does your property have sewer pipes made from cast iron or clay? These materials don’t hold up as the pipes age. Corrosion is common in cast-iron pipes; whereas, clay pipes break. Any type of pipe damage isn’t good for your sewer system and needs repairing right away.

Although traditional sewer line repair requires digging a trench, it will do the job and fix damaged pipes. However, we think trenchless pipe repair is a better alternative. Using trenchless methods to fix cracks or large gaps offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Keeps repair costs in check
  • Repairs get done faster
  • Little-to-no property destruction
  • Prevents future issues such as a tree root intrusion
  • Creates a stronger pipe system

How Do I Know If I Need Underground Sewer Pipe Repair?

Not all sewer-related problems automatically mean you need pipe repair. Sometimes all your pipes need is a good cleaning to stop clogged toilets or sinks. However, if you have multiple drains in your home or building backing up at the same time or you notice raw sewage in standing water near the pipeline, don’t ignore these problems. Call us to have one of our sewer repair contractors come out and do a sewer camera line inspection.

A camera inspection is the best way to know for sure if you need pipe repair. We have cameras that let us see inside small-diameter pipes and large commercial sewer pipes. Using this technology, we can tell right away if you have a broken pipe, a sagging pipe, a severe clog in the line, and other problems.

Will I Need Sewer Line Replacement?

As we mentioned earlier, many sewer problems don’t require us to replace the entire line. The most common damage we see in residential and commercial sewer pipes is age related or maintenance related where most of the existing pipe is in good condition with only minor damage.

When we recommend to repair or replace the line, we consider the type of damage, the pipe material, and our customers’ situations. Sometimes, the most cost-effective and sensible option is to replace the pipe. It’s usually our recommendation to replace a broken sewer pipe if most of the pipe is crumbling or close to failure.

Why Do You Replace Iron Pipes with PVC?

Iron pipes might seem sturdier than plastic PVC piping, but the opposite is true. Cast iron doesn’t age well. Eventually, the material corrodes and wears out. This leaves you with a leaky sewer line and drainage problems. Replacing iron pipes with PVC is the better choice because plastic piping won’t rust and it’s flexible enough that it’s not affected by soil changes or movement underground. PVC piping is also a great replacement option if your property has clay pipes because plastic doesn’t crumble.

Have Your Underground Pipes Inspected

Even with regular maintenance, you can never know exactly what condition your sewer and water main pipes are in. That’s why we recommend that every property owner, residential and commercial, get an annual sewer camera inspection. With this technology, property owners have the advantage of catching little problems before they turn into serious problems for your business or home.

If you think you need underground sewer repair in Alta Loma, hire sewer repair contractors with the right credentials. For all sewer services, including street plumbing, call us today at (866) 377-4002!