Does your company have an efficient stormwater management system in place? Rain is always welcome, especially when it’s been weeks since even a sprinkle fell from the sky. However, if your commercial property’s drainage system isn’t properly maintained, even the smallest amount of rain can spell trouble for your property.

When stormwater has nowhere to go, it doesn’t take long for this problem to turn costly. Unfortunately, not every property owner knows how to manage stormwater. In fact, many commercial properties don’t have any clue about the state of the drainage system. In this post, we take a closer look at the red flags that let you know you have a problem and the ways that poor stormwater management can wreak havoc on your property.

Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

It’s not hard to determine if your property has drainage issues. In fact, once you read this list, you probably won’t be too surprised, especially if you already suspected you had a problem. So, here we go. The following are 10 signs of poor drainage you should NEVER ignore:

1.    Water that backs up into your building

2.    Any washout areas

3.    Cracks or uneven spaces on paved areas (including courtyards, parking lots, and sidewalks)

4.    Exposed roots popping through the surface (trees and plants)

5.    Unintentional low areas in landscaped sections of your property

6.    Diseased or dying landscaping

7.    Standing water that lasts for an extended period

8.    Sinkholes

9.    Silt build-up

10.    Unusual or increased insect presence

If you notice any of these issues, contact a commercial plumber who offers storm drain management services. Even the slightest issue requires immediate attention and here’s why.

What’s at Risk

It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause expensive problems. That’s why we stress the importance of identifying problems right away. Commercial property owners who wait to take care of stormwater issues put their business at risk.

•    When you have drainage issues, it makes your building look bad. People don’t want to do business with companies that can’t or won’t take care of their buildings.

•    Drainage issues cause insect problems that can have serious health consequence. Can you say mosquitos? Even if mosquitos don’t carry the Zika virus, you still don’t want your customers or employees to have to deal with the consequences of a bite.

•    Drainage problems also create serious liability issues for tenants and guests.

•    Standing water also causes structural issues that have costly consequences and could even shut your business down while repairs are made.

•    Business owners who address storm management problems not only protect the value of the property but also improve overall water quality. True story!

We think you get our point. It’s important to have a plan.

The Best Time to Address Storm Drain Issues

You might think we’d say anytime and, yes, it’s true that you can fix these problems any time, there is an optimal time to do so. We suggest tackling drainage issues during a timeframe when the area is receiving a good deal of rainfall.

Wait? Didn’t you just say I need to have a plan in place before heavy rain arrives?

Well, you can’t have a plan until you know what’s wrong. When the area is dry, it’s hard for storm drain specialists to identify potential problems. It’s when the rain begins falling that water problems become easier to spot.

Another time to consider looking into your stormwater management plan is when you’re in a “fat season.” This is the time of year when many property owners have more money in their budgets to take on new projects. For a lot of business owners, this is in the fall, but you have to determine the time that’s best for you.

How Much Does Bad Drainage Cost Companies?

It really just depends on when you catch the problems. If drainage issues have been happening for a while, it’s possible that there’s more damage than what you can see by the naked eye. The longer you wait to take care of the problems, the more money you’ll end up spending hiring a commercial plumbing company to come out and take care of the problem. Not only will you have plumbing costs, but there could also be construction costs associated with building rehabilitation.

Ignoring unsafe conditions also means you risk legal problems. If tenants, customers, or other visitors slip and fall because of standing water, you risk the cost associated with liability issues.

Another cost you could incur could be fines or fees for failure to abide by local codes. Commercial properties are required by nearly every municipality to maintain and make improvements to their stormwater management as needed.

Does Your Commercial Property Need Stormwater Management Help?

Street Works Engineering is a commercial plumbing service in Los Angeles, CA, that specializes in commercial plumbing such as storm drain cleaning and installation, catch basin repair and trenchless drain services. If you’re having stormwater drainage issues, contact us today to take care of these problems once and for all.