Not all plumbing is the same, especially when we’re talking about commercial plumbing. If you own a commercial property and need sewer pipe repair, storm drainage installation, catch basin installation, or other underground pipe repair, don’t call your average plumber for these specialized jobs. Instead, call street plumbing and rooter sewer contractors in Covina.

What’s the Difference between Sewer Contractors and Licensed Plumbers?

A commercial plumber can help you install a toilet, fix minor clogs, install a water heater, and perform routine maintenance services. However, if you have a problem that requires accessing large-diameter sewer pipes under your property, you need professional commercial sewer contractors.

Commercial sewer and drainage issues aren’t just bigger than residential plumbing problems. Under your property, a complex system of pipes handles heavy waste loads every day. Although the issues may seem commonplace such as clogged pipes and broken pipes, the strategies to fix the problems require a different skill set and additional licensing that the average plumber doesn’t have.

Why Are the Credentials Different for Street Plumbing Services?

When we talk about street plumbing services in Covina, we’re talking about making repairs to underground systems that require digging under public-right-of-way areas. These are areas accessed by the public, such as under sidewalks, streets, parking lots, public driveways, and more. Whenever a job requires repairs under these structures, the sewer contractors working on the job must be city-bonded and have permission by the city to do the work.

What Is a City-bonded Sewer Contractor?

Having a valid plumbing license isn’t enough to earn the title of a city-bonded contractor. Bonded contractors go through an additional approval process that requires them to submit the following documentation:

  • Proof of general liability insurance that totals no less than $1 million dollars
  • A completed sewer/storm drain connection surety bond or,
  • A bond rider on an existing surety bond or,
  • A cash bond that meets the requirements of the Bureau of Engineering District Offices
  • All bond evidence and insurance information must be approved
  • Contractor must have a current California State Contractor License, business license, and personal authorization letter

City governments want to make certain that the professionals working on public and private sewer lines have the correct training and insurance coverage to complete projects safely. You can read more about what the city of Covina and Los Angeles County require by reviewing the bonded sewer contractor information online.

What Happens If a Contractor without the Right Credentials Works on My Project?

Companies that hire contractors who don’t have the authority to work on street jobs put their project at risk. Not only could city officials stop the project, but your company would face fines. The consequences aren’t worth the gamble. Also, hiring the wrong type of professionals means they might not do your job according to code and the repairs could fail. This only costs you more money in the long run.

Subcontract Street Plumbing and Rooter Services in Covina

Do you have a job that requires street work and excavation? Do you have a crew that needs help from bonded sewer contractors? At Street Works Engineering, we work alongside everyday plumbers, street crews, and maintenance staff, providing them with expert, legal services to help solve sewer and water main issues.

One of the best reasons to subcontract these services is that you never have to worry about permits or inspections. Our bonded contractors take care of all of that for you!

When you need extra help or your team doesn’t have the credentials to complete the job, let us help. Our subcontractor services include wholesale pricing and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our street plumbing team shows up to help you get the job done whenever you need us.

Get in touch with Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic at (866) 377-4002 to learn more about our street plumbing and rooter services in Covina!