Some plumbing projects require a level of expertise that the average plumber doesn’t have. When you have an underground pipe repair beneath sidewalks or under streets, you need a sewer repair contractor who has a Class A license in California. This license allows the contractor to construct and demolish public-access areas like parking lots, public sidewalks, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about how contractors perform street plumbing and rooter in Santa Ana and our subcontractor services!

City-bonded Sewer Repair Contractors Fill in the Gaps

What many property owners don’t realize is that their property’s sewer line has different sections. The upper lateral portion of the sewer system connects from the building to the connection that runs under private property. Where the upper lateral stops, the lower lateral begins. This part of the sewer line runs underground until it reaches the city’s main sewer connection.

When we talk about filling in the gaps, we’re talking about the lower lateral. Although this portion of the sewer pipe often runs under easements and public property, the private property owner is responsible for its upkeep. Therefore, if you need to have repairs made to this part of the line, you need a sewer contractor who has the authority to dig under any public-right-of-way area.

Why Does the City Require a Special License for these Sewer Jobs?

You can imagine that anytime work needs done in public areas that it can get tricky. Whether you’re digging under a sidewalk or accessing a sewer line under a street, you have to worry about traffic flow and public safety. Class A underground utility engineers have the training to handle these underground pipe repairs safely.

Is Street Plumbing Only for Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

Sewer lines aren’t the only underground pipes that experience problems. Water mains that carry water from the city’s municipal water supply to homes and businesses can break too. At Street Works Engineering Sewer and Septic, we handle all underground sewer and water line repair and replacement jobs.

How Sewer Contractors Handle Repair Under Public Areas

The goal of bonded sewer contractors is to get jobs completed quickly without sacrificing the quality of the work and the public’s safety. Our contractors’ safety is also very important, which is why we do our best to keep traffic disruption to a minimum. One way we do this is by using trenchless sewer repair methods.

Trenchless pipe installation and repair is ideal for street plumbing jobs because it allows us the opportunity to make the repairs we need without digging trenches and causing a huge mess. We just need manhole access to get to the pipes.

Of course, trenchless installation isn’t right for all jobs. Why might this be the case? Usually, it’s because either the city didn’t approve the job for trenchless repairs, or we’re installing a new sewer system that requires trenching.

No matter which method our underground pipe contractors recommend, know that we root our recommendations in years of professional experience. We don’t put Band-aids on problems. We fix them right the first time, so you have long-lasting solutions.

Why Do You Offer Subcontracting Services?

We know there are many great residential and commercial plumbing companies in Santa Ana and other Orange County communities that want to grow their business. They want to offer their customers complete services that include street plumbing and rooter services. However, they don’t have the credentials to offer these services.

By offering subcontracting services to other plumbing companies, we’re helping companies offer more services and let property owners work with companies they already know and trust. Our subcontractor services allow projects to get done faster and meet city requirements.

If you’re a plumbing company and want to offer these jobs to our customers, talk to us. Let us tell you more about our subcontractor services.

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