Water Main Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Water main installations require a licensed and insured company with in-depth knowledge of sub-surface water mains and catch basins. The specialists at Street Works Engineering have the experience and the ability to make any type of repair or replacement job, regardless of size. We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a master plumber for these types of jobs. Just one bad repair job is enough to cost you thousands of dollars, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Water Main Repairs and New Water Main Installations

When you call us for repair or installation service, we promise to show up on time with the right tools to get the job done in a timely manner. At SWE, we care about your time and money. So, not only do we go above and beyond to provide great prices, but we also do our best to fit your repair into your schedule. Need service today, tomorrow, or next week? Let us know your timeframe for service and we make it happen.

Our highly-skilled workforce specializes in all commercial and residential emergency water main services. If the main has been compromised, you don’t have the luxury of time. Instead, you need immediate emergency repair services to prevent additional damage and flooding. When an emergency happens, our customers know to count on us for not just fast service, but service that is always done in a proficient and excellent manner. With over 30 years of experience working on all aspects of commercial and residential plumbing parts, there’s no question that our services keep our customers’ plumbing systems running well.

Water Main Leaks & Violation Notices

What’s one of the first signs of a leak? The most tell-tale sign is water rushing or trickling outside of the home. However, other indicators include low water pressure in the home or a violation notice from the local water facility. Once you become aware that a leak exists, it’s very important to figure out where the leak is originating. Sometimes homeowners are surprised to discover that the leak isn’t from their pipe, but from their neighbors. Regardless of where the leak exists, our plumbers help you detect the location and make repairs.

Water Main Replacement Requirements and Costs

Do I need to replace my water main? This question is always a concern for our customers because replacement costs do tend to be significantly higher than repairs. We promise that our plumbers always make the safest, most cost-effective repair or replacement suggestions. However, if the main line is lead or galvanized and becomes damaged, replacement is the only option. Working on these pipes is too risky and repairing lead or galvanized pipes are illegal.

Copper water line replacement costs depend on the following situations:

  • Pipe size
  • Distance from the house to the city water main
  • Age of paved roadway
  • Whether or not new tap installation is required

For more information about water main repair or replacement, call Street Works Engineering. We answer our phone 24/7 to best assist you!

Trenchless Pipe Installation

Trenchless pipe installation is a great way for people to save on labor costs and also reduce the amount of excavation needed during residential sewer repair. That being said, if you choose the wrong company for trenchless installation, you might end up with a bigger problem on your hands. At Street Works Engineering, our licensed plumbers know how to safely and effectively use trenchless sewer line repair to fix broken and crumbling pipes. Our customers trust us to provide unrivaled, lasting professional service at competitive prices.

Why is trenchless pipe installation the better option?

For starters, it requires very little excavation. Traditional sewer line repair involves digging massive amounts of dirt and concrete even when the affected section is rather small. Additionally, these repairs cost more because of the equipment and manpower used. Trenchless repair and installation is the better choice because it’s a less invasive process that requires less time on the job and very little disturbance to your yard or driveway.

Trenchless Techniques

There are two ways that our plumbers use trenchless technology: pipe bursting and hammerhead mole installation. Let’s take a moment to go over the basics of each of these options.

Pipe Bursting: After a video camera inspection reveals the location of the damaged section of pipe, we determine if pipe bursting is a reasonable option. If the answer is yes, we then draw a new pipe through the existing pipe. The new pipe has a metal tip that breaks up the old, damaged pipe as the new pipe moves through it and into place. A positive about pipe bursting is that only a small hole needs to be made at the yard’s surface to access the pipe and lay the new one.

Hammerhead Mole: Unlike pipe bursting, the hammerhead mole is a tunneling device. The mole is deployed underground where it tunnels through the soil, creating a pathway through sensitive parts of the yard where a trench isn’t ideal to place. Once the tunnel forms, the Hammerhead mole pushed the new pipe through and into place. While this technology offers budget-friendly options for our customers, it’s not always an option. Soil conditions must be favorable. Your technician will help you determine if your soil meets the requirements.

Contact Us Today!

Do you have questions about trenchless pipe installation or repair? Get in touch with one of our expert technicians today at (866) 377-4002. We send plumbers to homes and businesses in your neighborhood to discuss your sewer line problems. When a plumber arrives at your location, he or she examines the situation and presents you with all your options.

At Street Works Engineering, we take great pride in our customer service and industry expertise. After 30 years in the business, we’ve built a reputation for great work at great prices. We take every job, no matter how big or small, very seriously. Our associates answer the phone 24/7, ready to assist you with emergency services and more. Don’t wait to fix that nagging sewer line problem. Call us right away to get expert, affordable plumbing service.