Drain installation and repair requires precision and expertise to guarantee that a plumbing system works well around the clock. The licensed professionals at Street Works Engineering have decades of combined experience installing storm drain, surface drains, French drains, and other drainage systems. It’s our job to provide all our customers with outstanding service and expert installation. Keep reading to learn more about the excavation and drainage services we offer.

Types of Storm Drain Systems

Properties in the Southern California area have a variety of storm drain systems. These systems range in size and complexity, from simple surface drains to storm drains that are quite large in diameter. Our technicians install and repair all types of drainage systems, including the types listed below.

Storm Drains

These drains are usually found on public property. However, private properties often opt for storm drain installation to help counteract large amounts of heavy surface drainage. Connect to catch basins, storm drains tend to be between 1-ft – 4-ft diameter but are sometimes bigger.

Surface Drains

These drains are typical on residential properties as well as commercial properties. Surface drains have the job of catching rainwater, surface water, and even water from sprinkler systems. Water moves away from the house or business via pipes that reroute the water to a sump pump system, the street, or another low area away from the structure. Often, surface drains present problems because of poor maintenance. When roots and dirt gather in the drain, this makes it hard for the drainage system to do its job. From installing quality piping to cleaning existing pipes using hydro-jetting, many options exist to help you keep surface drains in their best condition.

French Drains

French drains are located in a basement or behind a retaining wall, any place that is below grade. French drainage systems have a perforated pipe placed underneath gravel. Water flows into the pipe and then eventually discharges into a safe area away from the foundation. Many people with French drain systems also request waterproofing of walls along with French drain installation for added protection against water damage.

Infiltrator Drain Systems

Our plumbers have the experience to repair and install infiltrator drain systems. These systems work by moving surface water away from the building and directing it into an assembly that allows the ground to soak up the water, putting it back into the soil. Of course, this is done in a manner that doesn’t produce flooding and keeps water from pooling near foundations.

Professional Drainage Installation and Repair

What’s the best drainage solution for your home or business? Let our experts help make this decision. Our knowledgeable experts help you understand the basics of each system. We also give you maintenance tips to prevent unnecessary storm drain repair or other drainage system repair. To get started, pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our friendly associates. We schedule consultations based on your schedule and are always ready to answer your questions. Call us today at (866) 377-4002.