West Covina Sewer, Water Pipe, and Septic Contractor Services

Have clogged drains or flooded parking lots been a pain in your side? At Street Works Engineering, we know plumbing problems leave a messy trail and aren’t always cheap to fix. We also know that quick action and quality repairs make all the difference when it comes to how much you pay. That’s why we offer residential and commercial plumbing service in West Covina 24 hours a day for less than you imagine.

Local Sewer Contractors

When sewer line problems affect your home or business, you need local sewer contractors who understand the best way to deal with the issue. While some companies start excavating blind, that style doesn’t work for us. We prefer to use non-invasive methods to locate and attempt to clear clogs that cause the majority of problems.

Of course, not all jobs are straightforward. Some do require a degree of work that goes beyond hydro-jetting. When this is necessary, we utilize many trenchless methods such as pipe bursting and pipe relining to prevent excessive excavation. Our customers truly appreciate this service because it saves them time and a lot of money.

Commercial Plumbing Service

We offer regular commercial plumbing services such as grease trap cleaning, sewer line services, and drain cleaning. However, we also offer street work and subcontracting services. Our subcontracting services allow third parties to hire us at a competitive price to get work done faster. By bringing in our crews in unmarked vehicles and plain t-shirts, your company gets the credit and we do all the work. It’s a sweet deal!

Additionally, we work on the following:

  • Underground utilities
  • Mainline sewer laterals
  • Water main lines
  • Catch basins, and
  • Storm drains

Our menu of commercial plumbing offering is extensive. We encourage business owners in West Covina to give us a call and let us introduce our services, pricing plans, etc.

Emergency Plumbing Services for All

Residential and commercial customers appreciate our 24-hour plumbing service that fits your schedule. We recognize that plumbing problems don’t happen at the best times. So, we offer affordable emergency plumbing around your schedule.

When drains clog, storm drains flood the street, or you need to plan for a street work project, give us a call. The friendly staff at Street Works Excavation is always ready to help!