If you run a facility that operates on a septic system, you need reliable septic pumping and cleaning services. While there are plenty of companies offering this service, you need a company that follows strict environmental and municipal guidelines for commercial pumping. Choose the wrong company and the ramification can be staggering in terms of cost and damage to your property. At Street Works Engineering, our licensed and bonded pumping contractors meet the special needs of all commercial septic systems.

Septic Tank Pumping for All Industries

A clean septic system means a healthy waste removal process from your building and the surrounding property. When a septic tank becomes overfilled, it doesn’t function well and the potential for spillage increases. Property owners who neglect their septic systems not only risk raw sewage spillages, clogs, and flooding. They also risk damaging the system to the point that septic tank replacement might be necessary. You don’t want that to happen. Septic tank pumping costs less and takes less time than septic tank installation and replacement.

Septic Tank Maintenance

How do you maintain your commercial septic system? Well, for starters, you have it pumped regularly. While residential systems might only need pumping once every 3-5 years, that’s not the case with a commercial system. Commercial septic tanks require more frequent cleaning and pumping because of the volume of waste that makes its way through the plumbing system.

Pumping isn’t the only way to maintain your system. Building owners who take additional steps to protect their septic tanks avoid unpleasant breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Check out these suggestions for maintaining your septic system:

  • Have your building’s grease traps cleaned regularly to avoid grease build up in the septic tank
  • Make sure your public bathrooms are stocked with septic-approved toilet tissue
  • Schedule regular septic tank inspection services

Taking these steps in addition to regular septic tank pumping service goes a long way toward preserving your tank, the drainfield, and other parts of the septic system.

Problems Associated with Dirty Septic Tanks

Think you can forgo your scheduled septic pumping service? Before you skip over this essential maintenance service, consider what it could mean for your entire plumbing system.

The following are examples of what can happen when you tanks get dirty:

  • Pipes clog and backups quickly follow
  • Pipes corrode and breakdown
  • Pipe rupture and create expensive leaks
  • Raw sewage backs up into the building and in public areas like parking lots, streets, etc.
  • Septic tank stop working and require replacement
  • Wastewater flows into green spaces contaminating water and putting people’s health in jeopardy

Another ramification of septic tank neglect is fines from the city. If your septic system cause problems, you are responsible, and the city will impose fees and other sanctions.

Schedule Commercial Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Today

At Street Works Engineering, we offer environmentally-friendly commercial septic pumping and cleaning services for all types of commercial properties. Our goal is to make sure your commercial septic system works without fail and doesn’t put your building’s inhabitants at risk. To schedule your pumping service in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, or Orange County, call us today!