Do you have questions about your home’s sewer connection? At Street Works Engineering, our highly-skilled, licensed plumbers know everything about sewer connection installation and repairs. Examples of just some of the residential plumbing services we offer include: cleaning sewer pipes, diagnosing problems, swift sewer pipe repairs, and expert installation of new sewer connections from the lateral line to property line.

Home Sewer Repairs

For accurate repairs, it’s important to hire a company with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The equipment we use at SWE find clogged and broken pipes quickly, locating the exact point where repairs need to be made. Accuracy and swift detection save our customers money. Additionally, we also offer our customers trenchless options for sewer pipe repair. However, if those options aren’t ideal for your situation, we offer traditional trenching and excavation services at excellent prices.

Sometimes what appears to be a broken sewer is really just a clogged pipe. The hydro-jetter, our most popular piece of equipment, cleans blocked pipes thoroughly and leaves pipes as good as new. If roots in your sewer pipes cause problems, ask us about our RootX treatment to keep pipes root-free for up to a year.

Other sewer repair options include the following:

  • Pipe Bursting – This repair method is less invasive than traditional sewer line repair. It uses a piece of equipment with a metal tip that breaks up the old, broken pipe while installing new piping at the same time.
  • Hammerhead Mole – With favorable soil conditions, this method creates a tunnel. Once the tunnel is ready, a new pipe is slid through the tunnel and replacement is made, seamlessly.

When might I need traditional sewer line repair or replacement?

That’s a question that your specialists will discuss with you. Usually, we resort to traditional repair when the job can’t be safely or accurately completed using any of the other methods. At SWE, we strive to always provide cost-effective services as well as long-lasting repairs. Although we and our customers prefer trenchless methods, we make repair suggestions based on the best overall scenario. To determine the best scenario for your repair, call us. We offer on-site, written estimates so you know the total cost and time commitment involved before we start the job.

The Proven Experts in Sewer Line Repair

Street Works Engineering has three decades of experience providing unmatched residential and commercial sewer line repair and replacement service. When you experience recurrent issues with clogged toilets, backed-up tubs or showers, or detect raw sewage anywhere on your property, call the local experts for immediate service.

Our fully-licensed plumbers show up on time to provide you with free estimates, second opinions, and 24-hour emergency services. We take great pride in providing our customers with personalized, friendly service. No job is too big or small for our talented crew of drain and sewer professionals. Our skilled workforce services all types and sizes of pipes.

Don’t let sewer line problems escalate. Call us 24/7 to schedule a free inspection and get the situation under control. It’s our pleasure to assist you morning, noon, or night!