Do you need plumbing repairs that require the excavation of sidewalks or underneath the street? If so, these types of jobs require a bonded sewer contractor in Los Angeles. Many people erroneously believe that an everyday licensed plumber has the credentials to make these repairs. However, regular plumbing contractors hold a license with a C36 classification. While this credential is fine for minor sewer repairs and cleanouts, it doesn’t offer protection for extensive sewer line repair services that require street work. This type of work requires a bonded sewer contractor.

Why You Need a Sewer Contractor

Why is this my problem? That’s a common question we hear when sewer problems stretch out into the street. Aren’t I responsible for what is on my property? Often, property owners believe that they only have a responsibility to fix problems with the sewer line on their property and the city takes care of problems in public areas. However, property owners are 100% responsible for maintaining and repairing all sewer lines that run to the city main sewer connection. This also includes the saddle connection located on the city main line.

Here are some other facts about sewer responsibility that property owners need to know:

  • Sewer lateral maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility, including upper and lower laterals.
  • Upper laterals run from the building to the property line.
  • Lower laterals are the section of the line that runs from the property line to the street sewer.
  • Public sewers, which are the city’s responsibility, are found in alleys, under the street, and often with the easement on private properties

Septic to Sewer Connection

Many of our customers are interested in septic to sewer conversion, which means that they want to connect to the public street sewer. While this conversion offers many benefits for property owners, it’s important that property owners understand what they are agreeing to.

When the city allows you to connect to the public street sewer, you agree to provide maintenance and repairs to the lateral sewer connected to the property. Just because the sewer lateral exists under the street doesn’t mean the city is responsible for its upkeep.

Therefore, if the lateral needs servicing, it is your responsibility to find a bonded sewer contractor in Los Angeles (or your specific city) to make these repairs. Failure to find a properly credentialed plumber may result in fines or fees from the city. It also means that you risk the job being done incorrectly, costing you more money in the long run.

Bonded Contractors in Los Angeles

Street Works Engineering is a bonded contractor in Los Angeles. We are city-approved and follow all regulations for making sewer repair and replacement services under the street and on other public property. Our services meet the strict requirements of Los Angeles and all of our contractors have a city of Los Angeles business license. In addition to being bonded and sewer-approved contractors, we also carry full general liability and workers compensation insurance. When you need service that extends into the public right of way, contact Street Works Engineering for a reliable, city-approved service!