Street Works Engineering believes in providing the community with quality, lasting work. For over 30 years, our industry experts have installed and repaired mainline sewers throughout Southern California. Companies that choose us feel confident that all installation and restoration service is done with precision and the utmost professionalism.

Need sewer line repairs today? Call our licensed, trained experts to schedule a complete estimate for your job.

Why Choose Street Works Engineering?

When you need a mainline sewer installed, experience matters. Our team not only installs mainline sewers, but we also help you find civil engineers for the best mainline sewer design. Additionally, our technicians work tirelessly to assist with the approval process and making sure fees are paid to the appropriate offices for permits, etc. There are so many moving parts to mainline sewer installation. All it takes is one misstep for a project to get off course and off budget. When you work with our team, we keep your project moving forward.

Sewer Laterals

Let’s talk about sewer laterals. This 6-in diameter pipe is laid, usually, from the mainline sewer pipe to a residence’s front property line. However, sometimes situations make it necessary for the sewer lateral to be placed on the side or back of a property. This happens typically when a private sewer easement is present. Regardless of where your property’s sewer lateral lies, our experts have the experience necessary to install and repair sewer laterals of all kinds in all areas.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your sewer lateral, or have questions, call Street Works Engineering right away. Our technicians want to help you right away. We aim to find low-cost solutions and work quickly, but accurately, to install or repair your property’s sewer lateral pipe.

Don’t let questions stop you from moving forward with your projects. Our knowledgeable experts have all the information you need to make decisions about sewer laterals or mainline sewers. This information includes things such as municipal requirements, fees, and any other information necessary for installation or repair.

About SWE

Our staff of experienced plumbers is ready to assist you today. Call us at (866) 377-4002. When you choose us, we promise to work hard for you. All of our specialists have extensive education and experience. We work on all types of commercial pipes, providing thorough inspections and accurate diagnosis.

At Street Work Engineering, we take traffic safety seriously. When mainline sewer or sewer lateral jobs impact the traffic in front of your business, we assure our customers that safety is always a top priority. Our highly-skilled workforce takes safety very seriously. We never cut corners, ensuring a protected work area.

Accountability matters to us. That’s why all our jobs come with the industry’s best warranties. From installation to matters of pulling permits and paying fees, we have it covered. Subcontract with SWE today and discover first-hand why more companies in Southern California trust us with mainline sewer repair and installation and sewer lateral service than any other commercial contractor.