Don’t let a clogged sewer line wreak havoc at your place of business. Instead, call Street Works Engineering for quality sewer video inspections. Our goal is to always meet the needs of our customers and stay one step in front of our competition. We achieve these goals by using the latest technology to locate, fix, and strengthen our customers’ commercial plumbing systems. One type of technology that we use that allows us to do this is our sewer video inspection camera services.

By using this equipment, our sewer contractors have the ability to find the following common sewer line problems:

  • Grease build up
  • Sagging sewer lines
  • Sewer line cracks
  • Clogged lines
  • Root intrusion

The high-resolution, color camera we use moves easily through pipes of any size from 3″-36″ in diameter to peer inside the line. The entire process takes very little time, but it provides our technicians with all the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis and recommendations for repairs.

Who Uses Sewer Video Inspection Services?

Our residential and commercial customers both benefit from sewer video inspection services. We often recommend that real estate agents tell their clients – buyers and sellers – to contact us for camera services prior to buying or selling a property. It’s important that people know the condition of their sewer infrastructure prior to making expensive real estate decisions. The last thing you want is to take possession of a property and be saddled with expensive sewer repair or replacement services. Likewise, if you’re leasing or selling a property (residential or commercial), you want to know the condition of the sewer line so that you get the most money for your property. If a potential buyer discovers a sewer issue during a sewer inspection, you lose some of your bargaining power over price.

Sewer Line Maintenance and Repairs

When was the last time your property’s sewer line was inspected? Because sewer lines are exterior plumbing lines and rarely cause problems many property owners overlook the need for regular maintenance. It’s only when sewer pipes leak or clogs do property owners call for help and by this time the cost to make repairs is significantly higher.

Regular sewer line maintenance prevents major disasters like bellied pipes, flooded buildings, and more! By scheduling routine sewer camera inspection services with a licensed and bonded sewer contractor, you give yourself peace of mind.

Check out these facts about our video camera inspection services:

  • Cost-effective solutions pinpoint problems quickly
  • Video services prevent unnecessary excavation
  • No more guesswork
  • Easily scheduling (we work around your schedule)
  • On-the-spot recommendations for relining, digging, or cleaning

Want to get more out of your scheduled service? Ask us about our pipe locating service that pairs well with our video sewer inspections services.

Street Works Engineering is a bonded and approved sewer contractor in Los Angeles. We service residential and commercial properties throughout the San Bernardino area, Orange County, and LA County. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call today to schedule your sewer camera inspection!